eeg brain cap Samsung working on a mind controlled tablet

The tablets with multitouch displays are too mainstream for Samsung and now the Korean company is working on a tablet device that would allow users to control itself using their throughts. A Samsung team along with Roozbeh Jafari of University of Texas, Dallas is working on an EEG-controlled tablet computer.

The use of EEG technology in tablets or in any device aimed at the mainstream users is unheard of yet and while there are companies working on implementing the ‘controlled by thoughts’ feature to their devices none has been released to public yet. With Samsung entering this market, a company which is a consumer company and is doing pretty well in the smartphone and tablet businesss we might see a breakthrough but nothing can be said with certainity at this point.

Until now EEG monitoring electrodes were used for individuals who had couldn’t use the electronic devices due to some sort of inability. But now it seems like this technology is going to be part of several consumer devices in coming years. Though EEG-controlled tablet that can be controlled with thoughts seems to be a fascinating idea using it in day to day basi seems a bid of a long shot because users will have to wear EEG skullcaps all the time while using the device and I don’t think anyone would want to do that.

The research Samsung is conducting on such a tablet is in early stages. Right now it has conducted tests on how well people are able to turn their tablets on and off as well as launch songs in the music apps of the device.

Despite the complications we are positive about advent of computers that could be controlled by our thoughts. While Samsung is in early stages of its development we are hopeful that the company will be ablet to create a user friendly device that would be released in the consumer market at an affordable price.

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