Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs iPhone 5 vs Xperia Z and Galaxy S3

The flagship mobiles for the year 2013 or at least the first half of 2013 have been announced by major companies. All companies have already announced their front row warriors for the smartphone wars and we already know what each top tier smartphone manufacturer has to offer. We recently wrote about the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S4 to give you a detailed idea of Samsung’s next generation Galaxy device. Galaxy S4 competes with the smartphones from Apple, HTC and Sony that are already available in the market or will be released in the coming weeks. Here in this post we have compared hardware specifications of Galaxy S4 available in the market. Here’s our comparison of Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs Xperia Z vs iPhone 5.

galaxy s4 vs iphone 5 vs htc one 1 2 Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs iPhone 5 vs Xperia Z and Galaxy S3

If we consider specifications only the new Galaxy S4 isn’t behind any leading smartphone available today. If we were to judge these smartphones based on specifications then no phone would emerge as a clear winner from this lot as all of them are good specifications wise. That’s the reason why the real competition in the world of smartphones especially high-end ones is not about specs anymore and is shifted towards user experience and software that powers these smartphones.

As far as specifications are concerned the Galaxy S4 isn’t a huge improvement over its previous generation model, which is the Samsung Galaxy S3. Same is true with the design as the overall look of both these smartphones isn’t very different from each other. However Samsung has added some big features to Galaxy S4 that weren’t found on the older model. Read more about the features of Galaxy S4 here. You can view the specs comparison between Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 below.

galaxy s4 vs s3 Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs iPhone 5 vs Xperia Z and Galaxy S3

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