Galaxy S4 1 Samsung Galaxy S4 design allegedly leaks on the internet

Samsung is definitely going to announce the next Galaxy phone name the Samsung Galaxy S4 at an event on March 14. We have been hearing many rumors related to the design, features and specifications of the device but never saw the convincing pictures leaking on the internet. Well that has changed as the photos of what seems like a Chinese variant of Galaxy S4 have been leaked on the internet and shows the Galaxy S4 design. The images look good in terms of legitimacy which made them worthy for us to share with you here.

The device as is apparent from the leaked images features a 5-inch display just like the previous model and features thinner bezels. On the down side it features a large home button and two capacitive buttons. This alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 design, which appeared on a Chinese forum features a glossy back with textured design and sides with silver metallic lines similar to what we saw on the iPhone 4S.

In the forum post the device is described as the GT-I9502. The specifications have also been mentioned including a 1.8GHz processor, 2GB RAM, a PoverVR SGX 544MP GPU and Android 4.2.1.

Overall the leaked device claimed to be Galaxy S4 doesn’t appeal to me at all. Although it has got a fresh look the new Galaxy S4 deisgn brings nothing new to the table and the texture Samsung has used on both front and back sides looks awful. The side view isn’t that good looking either and it looks like a cheap Chinese smartphone made by some unknown company.

Let’s hope this was just a test model that Samsung gave out with different design to preserve secrecy or an early prototype. Of course since we don’t have any official word, the leak could also be a fake.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be announced on March 14 and we will post everything about it here. You can find more allegedly leaked images of the unannounced device below.

Galaxy S4 2 Samsung Galaxy S4 design allegedly leaks on the internet Galaxy S4 3 Samsung Galaxy S4 design allegedly leaks on the internet


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