facebook news feed Facebook introduces revamped News Feed, will be rolling out soon

The world’s largest social networking site, Facebook has just announced a revamped news feed design at an event the company hosted at its headquarters in Menlo Park. The new design allows users to apply filters for content to view specific types of Facebook stuff from their liked pages and friends. Users can filter photos, music, videos, games, etc and view the type of content they want to focus on. The new interface as expected provides larger space to content and shows even larger photos in the news feed and content coming from pages they have liked.

The new Facebook news feed also pulls in info from linked services and shows them to the user. The revamped Facebook News Feed interface will appear across all devices as the social network has redesigned the experience for desktop, tablet and smartphone versions of the site and the design is pretty responsive to the screen size it is being opened in.

facebook news feed 2 Facebook introduces revamped News Feed, will be rolling out soon

The  filters Facebook has introduced allows users to customize their news feed and make Facebook only show stories of their friends, stories with photos and stories with music. The new Facebook News Feed also allows users to filter their news feed to see stories coming from people they are following and are not friends with such as celebrities and other people.

Personally I like the new interface of Facebook and think it is much better than we have been using before. It is simple, more user friendly and prioritize the user experience, which is always a welcomed step.

Facebook says that the new interface will roll out to users in coming days. If you want it right now then you can go to this page and get your name in the waiting list.

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