If you like sight seeing then you are going to love the Secret Door web app created by UK’s Safe Style company. The concept behind Secret Door is simple and interesting and is so good that you can spend hours of fun using this simple web application.

Secret door 2 Visit Random Places of the World With Secret Door Web App

The Secret Door web app uses Google Maps’ Street View feature to show the 360 degree view of random places located worldwide. Once loaded the app shows a bar on the left side that features a “Take Me Somewhere Else” button. By pressing this button users can jump to any other random place and see a 360 degree of it. The beauty of this app is that it works totally randomly and takes you to places where you have never been to. The surprise element is key here and is what makes Secret Door worthy of your time and internet bandwidth.

As it simply loads Google Street View data the panorama has arrows that can be used to navigate in the place you are virtually visiting. Users can also navigate using mouse of arrow keys. The Secret Door also has a nice feature that allows the user to know the location of the place in a small banner located at top left side of the screen. In our test the banner wasn’t showing for all locations, but that may be due to Google Maps and not a fault of the Secret Door web app.

Secret door Visit Random Places of the World With Secret Door Web App

To give a magical effect Secret Door plays a mesmerizing music and plays a wooshing sound when you travel from one place to another.

So if you are ready to visit random and interesting places of the world in an experience never seen before then visit Secret Door here.

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