Google plus hangout Google+ Hangout Now Allows Deaf People to Use Real Interpreter

One of the best and perhaps most like-able feature of Google’s social network is Google+ Hangout that allows multiple users to video chat with each other and share ideas and interact like they were talking face to face. Google is constantly working on improving the Google+ Hangout experience for the users.

Now the company has announced that it has added a new feature to the video calling service that will allow deaf people or people who like to talk in sign language use an interpreter that will help in forwarding the message to other users. Deaf people can invite interpreters to speak and sign for them during a Google+ Hangout. The interpreter invited by the users will appear in the top right side of the screen and when interpreter is talking for them they will become the focus of the hangout.

Google+ Hangout app that allows users to add their own interpreter is available .

Apart from the interpreter feature Google has also added Keyboard shortcuts in the Hangouts that will help people who dont to use mouse during video calling.

Here’s how it works

For example: muting your microphone is now as simple as Ctrl+D (PC) or Command+D (Mac), and you can start chatting with Ctrl+B (PC) or Command+B (Mac). To view the full list of keyboard shortcuts just type ‘?’ while in a Hangout, or visit this page: .


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