3D Video iPhone Binoculars 1 Watch 3D Videos on Your iPhone with 3D Video iPhone Binoculars accessory

If you like watching 3D videos and would like to have that functionality on your iPhone then you would be pleased to learn about the 3D Video iPhone Binoculars that turn your favorite smartphone into a 3D device.

The word ‘Binoculars’ in its name is due to its shape and how it actually works. Users need to put their iPhone into the 3D Video iPhone Binoculars on one side on the holster and view the video from the other. The case once equipped with a video playing iPhone turns the incoming video into 3D and shows it to the user.
3D Movie Viewer for iPhone Watch 3D Videos on Your iPhone with 3D Video iPhone Binoculars accessory

The 3D Video iPhone Binoculars add a functionality to the iPhone that is missing from the device by default, however the gadget has its downsides as well. The biggest downside is the fact that users need to hold the bulky gadget in front of their eyes the whole time to view the video, this gets frustrating when you try to watch a longer video or a movie. Another drawback is that although one of its purpose is to provide users with 3D video on the go, it isn’t that portable due to its bulky binocular like design. It these issues are not a problem for you then it is safe to say that its a must try gadget for every 3D enthusiast who has an iPhone.

Currently 3D Video iPhone Binoculars support the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. As of right now Android smartphones aren’t supported but that could change based on the popularity of the iPhone model. Currently this gadget is available in Japan on this site at a price of 2,999 yen or about $33.

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