google now Uses of Google Now you probably dont know about

Google Now voice assistant is now part of all Android smartphones running Android Jelly Bean 4.0 or later. This feature of Android directly competes with iOS’s Siri and enables users to perform different actions by using voice commands. Ever since its first introduction Google has made some great changes to Google Now and has added tons of new features and capabilities that make Android user’s life more convenient.

Recently so many features have been added to Google Now that it becomes hard to keep track of the uses of Google Now. In this post we will tell you about some uses of this great Android feature that you probably don’t know about and how to use Google Now properly to make the most out of it. So next you say your Google Now command remember its potential.

See details about public transit or car rentals

Google Now has always had the feature in which it showed the details about the nearby public transit in the form of a card. Recently Google has added more capability to it and it now is capable of telling the user about the last train or bus that leaves for your home or workplace. The assistant shows the details early enough so you can catch the train or bus in time. Another great feature that many people don’t know of Google Now is that it is capable of reading reservation details from the email among other things and display the information about car rentals to the user. It can also tell the direction of the place where user can pick up a rented car.

Make calls, send messages and emails using Google Now

Just like iPhone’s Siri the Google Now voice assistant is capable of sending text as well as email messages. Users can tell Google Now to send a message or email and also dictate the content of the email. Then they can make it send the email or messages to a particular person in their contact list. All of this is done without the need of typing manually by the user. In order to make Google Now send an email or text to one of your contacts simply say ”Send an email to [name of the contact] saying [your message]“. If you are sending a text message just replace the word email with text or SMS. Making calls with with Google Now is just as simple. Just launch Google Now and say ‘Call John’ etc.

Reminders about searches

A really cool feature of Google Now is that it is capable of reminding users when information about any particular topic becomes available on the search engine. When ever you are searching on Google about your favorite band, music, movie or TV show you just have to tap the ‘Remind me’ button that will appear on your screen. After doing this whenever information about this topic is available you will be notified.

Google Now answers mathematical questions

Have you ever come across a situation when you have to convert one unit into another or one currency into another one? Well if you have a Google Now enabled device then you can use this voice assistant to get answers to these questions. All you have to do is ask questions like “How many pounds in 15 kilograms?” or “How many British pounds in 150 US Dollars?” and more. You can also questions about how many calories are in a particular food, which is a handy feature for diet concious people.

Share that you have left work in family

A unique feature of Google Now enables users to share with their specified family members or friends that they have left their workplace and are on their way to home. This feature can be super useful if you have to pick someone on your way home or want to notify a friend that you will be arriving home soon.

Here’s a full list of features that are available through Google Now right now

  • Activity summary for excercise
  • Birthdays for friends
  • Events happening in nearby locations
  • Flight schedules
  • Gmail notifications for tickets, flights, hotels, package deliveries, restaurant reservations
  • Movies
  • New albums/books/TV episodes/video games
  • News
  • Upcoming appointment
  • Google Offers
  • Photo spots in nearby location
  • Places (restaurants, bars, museums)
  • Public alerts such as weather warnings, road closures and more
  • Public transit data
  • Reminders
  • Stocks
  • Sports
  • Traffic
  • Travel tools including currecy exchange rates and translation
  • Weather

To take advantage of all these features you just have to say the appropriate Google Now commands. The commands can be user created as Google Now does a pretty good job at understanding what users are saying in plain English.

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